These boots are made for walking…

shopping, running or lounging.

I’m usually not a fan of thigh high boots, but I am in love with Ivanka Trump’s Sennet Suade Black Boots! Not only are they comfortable, they are versatile and they  pair great with jeans or tights.


I was lucky enough to find a pair on sale at, and you can find them here, here and here.


It’s Been a While…

The past few months have been a little insane. From helping with the 2014 Gubernatorial Debate, working crazy hours, trying to stay on track with school and leaving my comfy job to try something new.  Although the decision to leave wasn’t easy — I gave up flexible hours, a shorter commute and two weeks off during the holidays, it was something I needed to do. Especially since I felt like I hit a brick wall and lost all of my creativity.

I was extremely nervous to take the plunge, but the challenge has been great, and I am excited to continue to grow professionally. I’m still getting used to everything and sometimes wonder if I made the best decision, but the decision has been made, and the only thing I can do now is embrace the change.  So, I am trusting the magic of new beginnings and hopefully everything will fall into place.

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Ready for Fall


While others may opt to hit the gym or lounge on the couch after a stressful day at work, I head straight to the barn to care for and ride horses. There is something soothing about the sweet smell of Alfalfa and leather, and the adrenaline you feel jumping over fences on horseback that make the pressures of reality disappear.

If I could, I would live in riding boots and breeches, but unfortunately, I have to work to pay for my somewhat expensive past time. And, I’m not sure muddy boots would fly at the office. So to commemorate fall, I put together a few looks inspired by my love for horses and my favorite time of year.

Enjoy! xoxo

Chambray + Polka Dots