It’s Been a While…

The past few months have been a little insane. From helping with the 2014 Gubernatorial Debate, working crazy hours, trying to stay on track with school and leaving my comfy job to try something new.  Although the decision to leave wasn’t easy — I gave up flexible hours, a shorter commute and two weeks off during the holidays, it was something I needed to do. Especially since I felt like I hit a brick wall and lost all of my creativity.

I was extremely nervous to take the plunge, but the challenge has been great, and I am excited to continue to grow professionally. I’m still getting used to everything and sometimes wonder if I made the best decision, but the decision has been made, and the only thing I can do now is embrace the change.  So, I am trusting the magic of new beginnings and hopefully everything will fall into place.

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Mix and Match Patterns

Break out of your wardrobe rut by mixing patterns and adding a little creativity to your everyday style.

To help ease your fears of a combination catastrophe, when attempting to mix and mingle patterns, it is important to keep a few helpful hints in mind to ensure looks are runway ready…and not kindergarten chic. For a little help, check out this graphic from Made by Girl, and take a peek at a few of my style inspirations below.


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Inspiration: Bold Stripes and Prints

stripesandprints{image source}

Inspiration 2: Polka Dots and Prints

polkadotsandprints{image source}

Inspiration 3: Leopard and Plaid

lepoardandplaid{image source}

Inspiration 4: Stripes and Polka Dots

stripesanddots{image source}

Inspiration 5: Prints on Prints

printsonprints{image source}

Inspiration 6: Gingham Style

ginghamanddots{image source}

Celebrity Inspiration: The Print Master — Olivia Palermo

OliviaPalermo{image source}

A quick trip to Puerto Rico

Boy how times flies! I can’t believe it’s been two years since our wedding!

To stick with the tradition of going somewhere special to celebrate, this year we decided to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Originally, we booked a room at the Ritz-Carlton, but after reading a few reviews that said the resort was close to the airport, we canceled a few weeks before the trip and stayed at the La Concha Resort instead.


The hotel was very modern and the rooms were clean and comfortable. We opted for the ocean front room, and we had an amazing view of the ocean — and the multiple rain storms that passed through. However, thankfully we did get a few hours of sunshine and a ton of photos. I’ve added a few highlights below. (Travel tip: Check the weather before booking any where tropical)



Trying to stay dry: Since it was raining and the beach was not an option, our first stop on our mini getaway was to the Casa Bacardi Distillery which was about 20 minutes away from the hotel. We were told they offered a free tour and it was our best bet because of the rain.



Although it wasn’t necessarily an indoor experience, they supplied each guest (over the age of 21) with two free drinks each and there was a lot of semi-drunk people to watch, so it was worth every penny of the cab ride over.

If you like Pina Coladas: With little to do because of the rain, we headed to dinner early and decided to try Barrachina, the birth place of the original pina colada. The restaurant is located in Old San Juan and they offer a free flamenco show every Friday and Saturday from 8 to 9 p.m. We arrived on a Saturday so we were able to enjoy the show and it was amazing! I highly recommend the experience if you have an hour to spare. Dinner was also good and relatively inexpensive. Plus, the pina coladas were delicious!


Sunday Funday: Sunday morning we were greeted with amazing weather so we grabbed breakfast in the hotel and quickly soaked up the sun before heading out to explore the city. Old San Juan is right near the port so there are a lot of tourists walking around and there are a bunch of restaurants and shops to stop at.  The city feels really safe, there is a police officer on every corner and cameras everywhere. I’m sure that’s because it wasn’t safe at one point in time, but I felt at ease and never worried while walking around. But then again, I’m pretty much in my own little world and feel safe pretty much everywhere. (I also think big sunglasses help keep bad things away)

Old San Juan

Anniversary Dinner: The resort we stayed at had a few on site restaurants to choose from, and we decided to make reservations at the one with the most interesting architecture. Located in a dramatic shell surrounded by a reflecting pool, Perla is a luxury seafood restaurant that serves contemporary American cuisine.  We were really excited to try it out but unfortunately, my husband was really sick with food poisoning (not from this restaurant!).  He powered through dinner like a champ, but we really didn’t get to enjoy the restaurant to its fullest. I highly recommend making reservations at Perla, and if you can, try to score a table by a window.  The views are amazing!

Perla by day…and night!

Surprise dessert!


Don’t drink the water: Overall, we had a great trip to Puerto Rico and it was a great mini getaway. It was really short – Only two days and three nights. However, one important tip to remember — Don’t drink the water!  No one warned us and we both ended up pretty sick during a portion of our trip. I’m not sure if we will visit again any time soon…I have my sights set on St. Bartz. And, I’ll be sure to only order bottled water on our next trip.

Enjoy! xoxo