With These Shoes I Thee Wed

It looks like Valentino will be attending my wedding…

I’m not sure what was going through my head when I walked into Nordstrom and walked out with a pair of shoes that I will be paying off for the next ten years.  It just felt natural.

I tried on other shoes but these…just made me feel magical…and really tall! With the extra height I added to my petite frame (thanks to the five-inch heels) I felt like I could conquer the world….then again – The aisle is my runway!

Here are a few tips to choosing your perfect pair.

Walk the walk– Before you walk out of the store, make sure you walk around on the carpet and the tile.  Some shoes, especially if they are brand new can be a little slippery and you don’t want any surprises when you walk down the aisle.

Don’t break the bank– Although I didn’t take my own advice, splurging on shoes wasn’t something I planned. But on the other hand,  I can wear them over and over. They are dressy but not too formal.  If you are looking for wedding shoes and have your heart set of a pair of designer slingbacks, opt for something neutral that you can wear again. If shoes are something you can’t splurge on, don’t fret. There are a ton of great options that you can find for under $100. My favorite discount sites are 6pm.com, Ideeli and HauteLook.

Don’t sacrifice comfort- You will be walking, dancing and maybe even running-but hopefully not away from the altar. Before you buy a pair of shoes make sure you can handle the pain and make sure have a pair of flats handy. Dr. Scholl’s for Her can also be a lifesaver!

Happy planning! xoxo